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Christian bale birth day special – best roles he portrayed on screen


Happy birthday to most brilliant actor Christan Bale One of the finest actor of this generation.His dedication to the craft is inspiring to upcoming generations.He is one of great acting talent can do any type of role.i am giving movies only I watched Prestige This movie is having a twist for every 15 mins. Nolan again proved a master storyteller …

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New Logan trailer Analysis and references to Christopher Nolan


Recently released Trailer OF logan looks like a film directed in inspiration of Chrstopher Nolan batman 1 The trailer shows Logan is haunted by his past and most of Nolan heroes are alwase haunted by a traumatic past and will have a second chance to overcome it 2 The trailer is having Father daughter kind of relation ship…she is not …

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Top 5 Horrible movies I watched list


 I am listing the movies I am unable to sit Number 23 This movie is received mixed by many audience some even praised that it is a classic but I felt every twist is cheap and some how I am unable to see this movie.For me it is awful After earth movie No dude the fear is there in theteres …

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These movies are not all time but having depressing moments or stories Never Let me Go Really hard hitting climax and Andrew garfield did terrific acting in this sad drama 500 Days of the Summer – Love is painful This movie starts with joy ,love and emotions but as movie processes we will understand that it is not a sugar …

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Article on which films are best to watch scifi or Love ?


Its depends on individual perceptive Love is known for the beginning of Human origins still we don’t know how it works .So love movies tend to be a certain pattern and the outcome will be two .Either they will unite or they will be separated .The emotions behind them are really complex and no science can explain this Science is …

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Cinematography – is Really film directors need knowledge of cinematography


its not required as many directors hire good cinematographers and convey their vision to DPs. Example is woodey Allen who is not a technical expert but got basic knowledge to convey his vision.Anyway after some movie experience you will automatically get basic expertise in technical filed .Tree of life director terrance malick just give instructions and cinematographer chivo creates the …

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special story 2016 – greatest technical achievements in cinema in 2016


Compared to 2015 – REVENANT used long takes,real conditions and natural light to shoot the film is a great achievement .Not to mention about mad max 1000s of action stunt choreographers worked for the film .the 3rd act of whiplash editing,music and emotions is a great technical filmmaking Now for 2016 I am not seeing that much breathtaking filmmaking this …

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