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Saving Private Ryan Steven speilberg’s gem movie analysis


If you ever wondered what is best army movie ,My answer is Saving Private Ryan. Steven speilberg is the king of directors.He touched almost all genres and this is a war film . I watched it around 2009 and I am not a big fan of army movies but the opening scene itself shows his mastery on the craft.the camera …

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Funny article special – Why people hate twilight series


only first twilight is really good after that all sequels are trash the vampires are wrongly portrayed for real vampire movie watch tom cruises ‘interview with vampires A dialogue on friends how silly What kind of message they are giving to teens? A hero should have a mission what exactly Eadward character is doing in this movie? yep his character …

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Decaprio birthday special- Top 10 movies of leonardo decaprio


Leonardo decaprio is the name that don’t need any introduction for current generation.His acting caliber,dedication and choosing scripts made him to another level in today stars.Every movie of Decaprio is good and even his bad movies are watchable for his performance.I am only giving 10 movies for convince because each of movie is good on its own 1.Revenant I am …

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Marvel Comics Special – Ranking all marvel Super hero movies


Marvel Universe is not need introduction for movie fans and they are continuously giving entertainment to filmgoers from 2008 with its revised structure Marvel cinematic universe is stood high on movie franchises because of one name Robert downey Jr who acted Ironman character 1.Ironman best origin movie ever . Movie is very sharp ,CGI is great and we got fantastic …

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Why Christopher nolan is great article


The man The Myth the legend 1.Technology achievements Inception gravity sequence Nolan always inventing new menthol in film making .Example is Inception hallway fight sequence Instead of CGI they created whole set and actors tied to ropes for the required output Dark knight Rises plane crash They placed this aircraft model on the ground and filmed the fight sequence ,late …

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Week end special story – Fight club 1999 move analysis


Fight club is a all time classic because of various reasons.because either a movie can be philosophical or inspirational but Fight club managed to do philosophical and inspirational at a time Narrator is so depressed with life that he creates his own alternative version of himself and the twist ending is phenomenal Brad pitt and edward nortan lived in their …

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Weekend special story – Top 5 films by Christopher nolan


The best thing about Nolan movies is quality,story telling and dialogues 1.Dark knight Dark knight is one of best super hero movie not only in terms of performances ,technical brilliance but in terms of exploring characters psychology.We got one of best villain performance in history of movies. The cinematography is top notch instead of colorful a neo noir type cinematography …

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