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The real villain of Mahabharata


There are no villains in form in Mahabharata . Good people did bad things and bad people did good things . The real villain is Adharma Mahabhara happened because god wanted to.God wanted to say the ultimate truth to all humans while many saints unable to grasp so lord himself said the truth as song of god (bhagavadGeeta)

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Hector and Search for Happiness Fim Analysis -What Makes you a happy pesron


The hector and search for Happiness – A travelers search for Happiness-Concept is nice and film is based on a Novel Hector is a psychiatrist played by Simon peg is unhappy with his patients’ problem.All most all his patients are unhappy about their life ,some are silly and some are serious.So he discusses with his girlfriend that he want to …

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Madhavan Rocking Inspiration Speech video


Normally actors wont talk about all these things but Madhavan talked some sense.Many people don’t know that he used to give motivational seminars before he is an actor .Watch his recent speech where he talked about communication skills importance,doing your job with high skill and how to survive in this competitive world

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