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Movies should watched in age 20s

perks of

perks of being a wallflower – The confusion in love of teens This movie is about a teenage love and how some people always date wrong perons. But movie shows as teenage is not like as shown in american pie movies but it is a very confused and hard stage that every person has to gone through. Into the wild …

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New movies released shows The indian cinema need to change


Almost everythingis wrong with current bollywood movies The quality of movies is crap.Hope current generation learns from Amithab bachhan .His recent low budget Pink is one of good movie released in this year .All other stars are trapped in their own fairy stardom Amir khan is only star making good movies from lagaan He also did one commercial film recently …

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Lakshya film Analysis – underrated classic of Indian cinema


Hrithik played as a lover boy till before lakshay released and hrithik track record also not nice at that time.If this movie released now it will be a hit because audience are more opened to new stories.Now why Lakshay is bollywood’s one of rarest gem? Lakshay the meaning itself is a goal.We got movies about passion in Hollywood like pursuit …

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Week end special story – Fight club 1999 move analysis


Fight club is a all time classic because of various reasons.because either a movie can be philosophical or inspirational but Fight club managed to do philosophical and inspirational at a time Narrator is so depressed with life that he creates his own alternative version of himself and the twist ending is phenomenal Brad pitt and edward nortan lived in their …

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A moment to remember 2004 film Analysis – A must watch gem on true love


What a feel good movie.Although it is released in 2004 the cinematography is fresh and you can connect to the characters very much.Another gem in Korean films Love is a wonderful feeling and many poets,artists and entrepreneurs driven by love and created beautiful products.but is real love exists?is it is a attraction,hormones or  a feeling which can’t prove by science?These …

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Friendship day special – Top 10 Bollywood films based on friendship from 10 years


Cinemababu listing top 10 Bollywood movies based on friendship from 10 years 1.3idiots Do I need to talk more about it?Almost every guy who interested in movies watched this flick.A classical friendship movie revolving around dreams,chutiyapa and sacrifices.Every actor excellently done their roles and the transformation of principle Boman Irani gives you a kick in this emotional rollercoaster ride 2.Dostana …

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Top 10 reasons why Fast and furious 7 became blockbuster hit

Fast and Furious 7 movie review

Last week Fast and Furious 7 released and doing great business in India and worldwide. 1.Action scenes Evey action scene is good and best scenes are the Paul walker running on a crashing Van,car running between two buildings in Abu Dubai scene. 2.Jason Statham Best Villain in total franchise.In first scene itself Director convinced how evil and strong is the …

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Nandamuri fans angry on Balayya !!

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Day by day the presence and success of mega family has been increasing in Tollywood and it must be said that the other star families are lagging behind. More so, it is with Nandamuri family which has been thirsty for success from a long time. With this, the Nandamuri fans are resting all their hopes on Nandamuri Balakrishna. But then, …

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