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Dark knight bank robbery scene analysis


Dark knight is my first batman movie and I didn’t read any comics.i got idea on only batman charecter so I went to this movie assuming another comic book with for children The first shot itself I am drawn into the movie with great Hnaszimmer soundtrack we wil see first entrance of Joker with his mask Ther scene is brilliant …

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Films analysis of lezends Christopher Nolan and Steven speilberg

Spielberg-collage-of-films (1)

Steven Spielberg movies may not contain Nolan type of brain twisting stories but he is much more superior director than Nolan considering his filmography.i am a big Nolan fan but still Nolan to attempt many genres . Dunkirk success is very important for Nolan to secure a place in all time great directors where as Steven speilberg reached that position …

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Cinematography – is Really film directors need knowledge of cinematography


its not required as many directors hire good cinematographers and convey their vision to DPs. Example is woodey Allen who is not a technical expert but got basic knowledge to convey his vision.Anyway after some movie experience you will automatically get basic expertise in technical filed .Tree of life director terrance malick just give instructions and cinematographer chivo creates the …

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Nolan film Dunkirk trailer shot analysis


The trailer is really on Nolan level.The music,visuals and intensity seems this time nolan will get an Oscar Dun kirk is about – A group of soldiers lead by Corporal “Tubby” Bins (John Mills), stranded in France, must make their way to the shores of Dunkirk in hopes of a rescue. Back in Britain, Charles Foreman (Bernard Lee), a newspaper …

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Nolan special article – people who are supported Nolan in his journey


For every Man Succes there is a woman .This quote perfectly fits to Christopher Nolan.His wife Emma thompson whom he known from his college started film making with him as a producer . Before entering into the movie he waited and struggled for many years after that he ventured his own Independent film ,The following is produced by nolan,his wife …

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Why Christopher nolan is great article


The man The Myth the legend 1.Technology achievements Inception gravity sequence Nolan always inventing new menthol in film making .Example is Inception hallway fight sequence Instead of CGI they created whole set and actors tied to ropes for the required output Dark knight Rises plane crash They placed this aircraft model on the ground and filmed the fight sequence ,late …

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Christopher Nolan interviews Quentin Tarantino Q&A video


Christopher Nolan interviews Quient Tarantino Q&A video.Nolan is fampus for his batman trilogy ,interstellar ,inception while Tarantiono is for pulpfiction,Django unchained,kill bill series.Both are extreme talented directors with freat writing skills and always tried with different technicalogies 1.Tarantino discussed how he handles editing.he loves long sequences instead of quick shots 2.Suspense should work otherwise it will be boring 3.Tarantino said he is …

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