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Batman actor Christian bale oscar nominations analysis


First he already won for his role in The fighter.Academy won’t give easily oscars even leonardo decaprio waited for many years and his every nomination is a ground breaking performance Coming to the bale he did terrific movies but many are not worth Oscar wins.His performance in Americ hustle is great but other nominations are so strong .Mathew for Dallas …

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Oscar Special – Mad Max Rocked 2016 Oscars with 6 wins


As guessed Madmax won most of the Oscars at 2016 and all are in tech technical category.See the list of Oscar wins here   Best Film Editing Mad Max: Fury Road – Margaret Sixel The Big Short – Hank Corwin The Revenant – Stephen Mirrione Spotlight – Tom McArdle Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey Best Costume Design Mad …

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The big short 2015 Film Analysis- best film on 2007 Recession


The big short – wow .Just extraordinary filmmaking. Best film on 2007 recession and how banks corrupt practices lead the world economic crisis  is the theme. Christian bale take a bow-A wonderful performance and he completely in with the character So lets go into the film analysis. In early 2000s American real estate Market is on full swing and after …

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The directors round table 2016 – Ridely scott,tarantino,alexandro discusses their Oscar films video


Really excellent video.These big directors discussed many things. They talked about what excites them most in the movies. *Everybody agreed that music is the biggest emotion can be experienced and their favorites scenes are scenes with songs *Danny boyle discussed about his Jaiho song sequence *TVs are overtaking cinemas,audience only go to theater when big spectaculars coming that’s why Hollywood making …

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Revenant nominated for 12 Oscars while Mad max rocked with 10 nominations


Revenant nominated for 12 Oscars while Mad max rocked with 10 nominations .Leonardo decaprios revenant may win many awards in this February while Madmax will win many technical awards Nominations Film 12 The Revenant 10 Mad Max: Fury Road 7 The Martian 6 Bridge of Spies Carol Spotlight 5 The Big Short Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4 The Danish Girl …

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Danny boyles Steve jobs film analysis – best film on Steve jobs


  A lots of Steve jobs films released in recent years but Danny boyle ‘s Steve jobs is the best bet in all these movies .Movie mainly focused on his personal relations with his friends ,colleagues and mainly with his daughter who he rejected for 19 years.(Rejected means he denied that she wasn’t her daughter and intial days there were …

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