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Rajamouli showing praise on oopiri


Rajamouli tweeted on oopri movie Intouchables is one of my favourites. Frankly  I didn’t think Vamsi would be able to handle it. Thanks Vamsi for proving me wrong. The scenes you indianised made it a better film. Karthi is so good.  Nagarjuna garu is a true path breaker. Congratulations to PV garu and the whole team. Oopiri is A true …

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2+2=5 award winning short film review-A beautiful message


Whtz it about ? In a classroom a teacher writes on board that 2+2=5.Some students says wrong and answer is 4 and when teacher scolds them they will say 5.But one student stands for the truth and says 4.The premise is simple but philosophy under that standing for truth even in adverse situations is brilliantly handled ,This you tube comment …

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Soggade Chinni Nayana First day talk

Sogade chinni nayana stills 1

Soggade Chinni Nayana First day talk- As per the early reports movies seems a complete family entertainer.Nagarjuna role of Bangarraju getting maximum response from audience and for this sankrathi a perfect family entertainer it seems.Another clean hit in Nagarjuna’s career

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Killing Veerappan Review – One of the RGV’s recent best film


Killing Veerappan  Review: One of the RGV’s recent best film Star Cast: ShivRajkumar,Parl Yadav,Sandeep bhardwaaj  & others Music Composed by Ravi Shankar Production House: E. Shivaprakash Directed by Ram Gopal Varma Plot: Plot is pretty simple how a Task Force officer teamed up with a journalist and killed Veerappan.Movie based on operation cocoon and mostly told in perspective of police officer Whats …

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Nenu Sailaja Review: Romantic Drama where writing is clever and humorous


Nenu Sailaja Review: Romantic Drama where writing is clever and humorous Star Cast: Ram,Keerthi,Satyaraj, Pradeep Rawat & others Music Composed by Devi sri Prasad Production House: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore Directed by Kishore Tirumala Plot: The plot is childhood friends Ram and Sailaja played by keerthi will be separated and will meet in their 20s.Sailaja is deeply neglected by her father while Ram …

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5 unbelievable proposal review -3.5/5


Whatz it about? It is a short film with no dialogues and how accidently A guy proposes to a girl in 5 different ways. Watch the movie to know more experience the beauty Before the camera Only two characters and gud did ok with his perfprmance and Female lead has a great screen presence Behind the Camera Music is good …

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Chasini -Stop Acid attacks Animated short film review 3.5/5


What it about? This short film is a animated one showing the feeling of a woman who  was a victim of Acid attacks.A nice and short video with a voice over Whats good? Ofcource it is a message saying that support these victims in whatever way you can because they suffer and feel left out by the society.Animation is good …

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Ant Man Review – A Solid Super hero entertainer


 Ant-Man Review – 3/5 Director: Peyton Reed Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas Whats it about ? A Technology that can Shink a person to an Ant size so that that can be useful in missions.Film theme is always big things ,big superheroes not useful sometimes small super heroes can do different things.This is a story about a guy Scott Lang …

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