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Vangaveeti actor Sandy talked about movie ,RGV and tollywood


    1.One of most interesting interview of Sandeep -the actor of vangaveeti movie 2.He is very downto earth and he is very frank guy 3.Talked about how Ranga followers are very happy when they see him in Ranga getup 4.he read many articles on Ranga and Radha 5.Talked about how each character is real to the getup wise and …

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Actor Manoj accepts Nagative reviews of attack

Rgv attack movie stills 9

Recently attack got released to negative reviews and most of the audience also don’t know that movie got released.Movie is receving negative feedback for the film.Although audience liked acting script is routine it seems.After brilliant Killing Veerappan success people hoped this movie will be good but Rgv again did another dud at boxoffice Manoj tweeted “Tq all for appreciating my …

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RGV unveils Vangavvethi logo


It seems no stopping for RGV.Ram Gopal Varma has unveiled the first  logo design of his new film “Vangaveeti”, which he’s publicizing as last telugu film.Ofcource nobody belives it and it may be a marketing gimmick but logo is powerfull and hope movie will rock tollywood

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Ram Gopal varma press release note on his Next movie of Dawod Ibrahim

RGV supports KJ -cinemababu

My next Hindi film after Veerappan is titled Government (Not to be confused with Sarkar 3 which is a different film) The concept of Government Though the film Company was supposed to be a true life inspiration based upon the Dawood Ibrahim – Chota Rajan relationship, it was quite evident that the entire later part of Company was completely fictional …

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Killing Veerappan Review – One of the RGV’s recent best film


Killing Veerappan  Review: One of the RGV’s recent best film Star Cast: ShivRajkumar,Parl Yadav,Sandeep bhardwaaj  & others Music Composed by Ravi Shankar Production House: E. Shivaprakash Directed by Ram Gopal Varma Plot: Plot is pretty simple how a Task Force officer teamed up with a journalist and killed Veerappan.Movie based on operation cocoon and mostly told in perspective of police officer Whats …

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RGV interview -discussed on veerappan,megafans and his direction style

RGV supports KJ -cinemababu

    1.RGV never interested in stories ,he only interested in charecters and builds scenes around those charecters 2.In kshna kshnsam shooting he heard veerappan as in forest some caution boards are there-veerappan’s area 3.RGV started a film named ‘Lets catch veerappan’ and on first day of shoot he got amessage that Veerappan got killed so he shelved the project …

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Killing veerappan got a record breaking start at karnataka


  Rgv’s Killing veerappan got a record breaking start at Karnataka and reviews are great in range of 3.5 to 4.As veerappan-Rajkumar’s kidnap episode is fa,iliar with kannada audience and in the movie hero/cop role played by none other than Rajakumar’s son siva rajakumar made movie memorable for kannada audience.So in telugu also may be this level of hit wont …

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