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Brahmotsavam Uggadi poster-A classic touch


  This poster is enough that movie will be on full on family emotions.Srikanth addala has special ability to touch simple stories and transforms them into powerful emotions. Mahesh is touching his dad’s feet and Satyaraj is essaying the dad role of Mahesh babu

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5 unbelievable proposal review -3.5/5


Whatz it about? It is a short film with no dialogues and how accidently A guy proposes to a girl in 5 different ways. Watch the movie to know more experience the beauty Before the camera Only two characters and gud did ok with his perfprmance and Female lead has a great screen presence Behind the Camera Music is good …

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Campus Selection Telugu short film review – 3/5


it about ? A guy sees a girl at a campus interview and how he finds her after that and how his love story will move you have to watch the film Before the Camera Lead actor did good and comic timimg is nice ,he is remainded me like Tamil star Dhanush in some scenes,All other cast are done nice …

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