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5 most difficult and exciting movies you need to watch


1.memento The screenplay is so awesome that it requires multiple watching of the movie The big short Finally The big short is smartly written ,there is lots of humor and people should watch it because they will know the value of money,savings and they will get an idea how these banks.financial firms,housing firms will lure customers and how people are …

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Movies list which are taking place in aeroplanes


1.Nonstop a well dome thriller.Not best of Liam neeson bur it is pretty good with the suspense 2.Air force one harrison ford and as president and air force one 3.Flight A drama and a charecter study of an alcoholica addicted pilot 4.Aeroplane comedy calssic.Try this movie it will give you laughts 5.Top Gun Its got mixed reviews but it got …

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Movies special list -nice Films for Intelligence audience


I already answered similar question and giving same answer here with added movies.Intillegence can be a philosophical or scientific or emotional .So some movies may be different to your opinion but give a try these movies Drive The number of analysis made on his character of drive itself shows what a deep mysterious classic it is.Normally gosling plays a chatter …

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Weekend special story – Movies requires use your mind thinking


Clever movies – I am giving movies requires a good thinking Predestination Predestination is a movie about a an agent going back to past with time travel to stop a serial bomber.Every time he goes back to the past and will change some events but still outcome will be the same. The main theme of the message you can understand …

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Movies special story – Movies with main characters are Intelligent


The martian With an exceptional performance from Matt Damaon combined with terrific Ridely scotts vision The Martian shows human spirit in an unimaginable sci-fi adventure.The theme is ‘there is nothing can breakdown human spirit not a person,not a bad situation and even not a dry planet like mars end our hero conquered Mars with his spirit in this space mission …

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Hollywood special story – movies involving concept as time


I am giving movies where time involved – main actor to be performed some tasks in a certain time or worth of time , events unfolding wrt a time 127 Hours – A survival story Any person wants to be inspired and what exactly it will be in face of death should watch this wonderful movie 127hours.James franco actually held …

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Movies should watched in age 20s

perks of

perks of being a wallflower – The confusion in love of teens This movie is about a teenage love and how some people always date wrong perons. But movie shows as teenage is not like as shown in american pie movies but it is a very confused and hard stage that every person has to gone through. Into the wild …

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Top 10 korean movies to be watched


Korean industry is developing very fast due to their quality in story telling, here are some of best korean movies 1.A moment to remember One of the best movie is A moment to remember .Why it is a great movie?read article here What a feel good movie.Although it is released in 2004 the cinematography is fresh and you can connect …

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Decaprio birthday special- Top 10 movies of leonardo decaprio


Leonardo decaprio is the name that don’t need any introduction for current generation.His acting caliber,dedication and choosing scripts made him to another level in today stars.Every movie of Decaprio is good and even his bad movies are watchable for his performance.I am only giving 10 movies for convince because each of movie is good on its own 1.Revenant I am …

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