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M.S Dhoni trailer is extrordinary video and analysis


1.Trailer is awesome 2.Sushant singh rajput is apt for the role and it seems he carried role with ease 3.Movie is directed by Neeraj pandey who alod directed wednesday,baby,special26 4.Movie seems original  to the content and Dhoni provided lot of info for the film 5.All the cricket scenes are created as original as possible

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Baahubali release new trailer is awesome


Baahubali release new trailer is awesome and lots of new footage is being shown.Movie trailer defintely sky rocketing the expectations and visuals are breathtaking.Trailer starts with a english score may be aiming for internation regions and sets,weapons ,forest scenes are great,This trailer looking better than hollywood movies ,Finally rajamouli 3 years effort is being shown in this trailer It seems …

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