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Temper Movie Review


CB Rating  : 3/5.


Cast : Jr.NTR, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash raj, Posani Krishna murali, Madhurima and Others.

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Comedy.

Release date : 13th February 2015.

Music : Anup Rubens.

Bottom Line : Better than NTR previous two films

It is like a festival to movie buffs whenever a top actor’s film hits theatres. Jr. NTR is one of the top actors in Telugu cinema. His latest film, Temper hits record number of screens across the globe. It has been a long time since the actor bag a blockbuster. His previous two films, Ramayya vasthavayya and Rabhasa were underperformed at the box office. Jr.NTR strived to bag a blockbuster with Temper under the direction of Puri jagannath. Let’s move into the review to know  Whether the young tiger bag blockbuster or not.

Daya ( Jr.NTR) is a corrupted police officer in hyderabad. He does anything for money. Meanwhile, Waltair Vaasu( Prakash raj ) is a gangster in vishakapatnam. Daya  gets transferred to Visakhapatnam and aids the gangster. They both share the rapport of brothers. The cop comes across Shanvi ( Kajal agarwal), who runs pet cross. Shanvi and Daya falls in love with each other. Vaasu is looking for a girl, Lakshmi ( Madhurima) to kill her. One day vaasu minions accidentally abducts shanvi instead of lakshmi ( Madhurima).Vasu realises that his minions abduct wrong girl and leaves shanvi. Daya assures the safety of lakshmi on the request of shanvi . What Daya will do?  Who is lakshmi? Why vaasu wants to kill lakshmi? Are main parts of the story.

Director Puri jagannath has earlier made Andhrawala with Jr.NTR , It didn’t run well at the box office.After a long time this duo is back again with Temper at the box office. The captain of the ship brings out the best performances from the lead cast.Vakkantham penned the story has offered nothing new to the viewers. Screen writer has done a brilliant job in second half. SR Sekhar editing could have been crisper. Anup rubens composed music is passable. Mani sharma scored background music pumped up the scenes. Sam k Naidu handles the camera work very well. He puts a lot of close ups and picturisation of the songs is extremely good. Production values of parameshwara arts banner are superb.

The young tigers looks stunning with chiseled abs. His body language and dialogue delivery is quite different from his previous two films. NTR nailed the corrupted cop role with ease. Kajal agarwal looks so gorgeous in the film, she did a fair job. Prakash raj’s role is poorly written, but the  versatile actor tried his best to cover up the loopholes. Posani krishna murali did a good job. The supporting cast has done fair job in their respective roles.

On the whole, The first half is filled up with one liners and the negative shades of protagonist. The comedy quotient is too less but the conversation between protagonist and antagonist has offered chuckles to the viewers. Second half has few  saving grace scenes . The movie has highlighted few social issues. I don’t want to become spoiler by revealing all the details about the film You have to watch it on big screen. Businesswise, Temper will do a great business at the box office.



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