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Tension in the Mega Camp !!

The Mega brothers and the mega camp was an example of unity until recently when things seem to have gone wrong somewhere. There was a time when all the mega heroes and the mega fans supported all the movies from the mega camp and no two films from the mega camp clashed till now to give, or released with a little gap between them.

But signs differences in the mega camp are creeping up with the absence of mega heroes from mega functions and one big thing is the release of two movies from the mega camp in a space of 7 days. The clash is between Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ and Ram Charan’s ‘Yevadu’. Earlier Cherry’s film was slated for a July 25.

Cherry’s ‘Yevadu got postponed by a week due to technical reasons and Pawan wanting to capitalize on Independence Day and Ramzan holiday season but Chiranjeevi was reportedly upset about Pawan not agreeing for the postponement and allowing the clash. But Mega Star reportedly contacted Pawan and being the obedient brother that he is readily agreed to postpone the film to release with Pawan’s ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ on August 7th.

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