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The big short 2015 Film Analysis- best film on 2007 Recession

The big short – wow .Just extraordinary filmmaking. Best film on 2007 recession and how banks corrupt practices lead the world economic crisis  is the theme. Christian bale take a bow-A wonderful performance and he completely in with the character

So lets go into the film analysis. In early 2000s American real estate Market is on full swing and after the 1995 computer revolution America became a most powerful country and Americans standard of living increased significantly. So at this time only all mortgage firms(real estate and housing companies ) seen a huge business advantage from the people. Mortgage firms chased people and they advised people to buy houses ,lands and they shown them the American dream. Banks gave loans to everyone with some rule exceptions because  they thought people will pay them eventually and they can attract most customers by simplifying the loan process. But the problem started around 2005 as almost every one bought more than 3 houses beyond their capabilities and various reasons are there that American economy went to downward spiral but nobody noticed it.

So film starts with the Michel burray played by Christian bale sitting in his small office room analyzing all housing loans,mortage deals,bank interests data of 10 years and he seen that this market will go down and a Hugh crisis is there coming in a year.He is working as a financial analyst and his job is to protect/invest his clients money in a profitable manner .So directly goes to banks and buys a credit default swaps(In normal words it is like a vehicle insuranIn vehicle insurance you will pay every month for certain years and if anything accident happens you will get a certain amount).

What is this credit swap and how will Christian bale character will profit ?

He goes to most reputed banks and will bet against that  housing markets will crash so he buys a premium insurance for all his clients and company .So he will pay millions every month ,if a crash happens they have to pay a high amount. Banks accepted his proposal as they thought last crisis happened in 1930s and there is no chance that crisis will come again as America economy is very stable.They thought he is a stupid and this word out in wall street that some lunatic is spending his company’s money and they laughed at him. But one guy Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) takes this seriously and he also want to bet against economy and tries to form a team and accidently makes a call to hedge fund manager Mark baum played by Steve Carll.Steve and team starts their own investigation whether a really a financial crisis coming  by visiting different wall street managers,normal people and banks to make sure before they investing in credit swaps system.

And story moves two young Charlie Geller (John Magaro) and Jamie Shipley (Finn Wittrock) investors teams up with a retired banker ben rickert played by bradpitt and made deals with las vegas investors in credit deafults.As the story progresses we can see the horror how banks and mortgage firms manipulated general public and how they are using exception rules of the system. The corruption in the government is huge that normal people event doesn’t aware what’s  happening in the financial sector .Movie progresses and Christian bales boss comes to his office and scolds him that he is losing money and clients are unhappy with bales decision.In the end crisis comes and economy down and Christian bales company got 1.3 billion dollars and all other companys are down on the recession day but bale company made a profit of 443% up with his clients profited in millions and Christian bale himself got 100 million share.And all other main charecters who bet againist the market profited while thousands of people suicide,lost jobs and their homes

Coming to the main charecters

Christian bale completely nailed the scenes although he got few scenes.His appearance is as real as original Michel burray interms of dressing style,the weird conversations and the drum playing when he got tensed.In last scenes when he calls the bank and says ‘can you transfer my money” he completely nailed in it.You can see his moral dilemma because he is making money but total America’s future is going backwards for another 10 years.When he is putting clients money in this premium he is gone through many abuses from clients but when he made them millionaires nobody thanked him  .On recession day when his clients made millions because of his vision he puts a mail that ‘he never cheated any one and people believe only in results but not the sincerity  “that whole scene is emotionally done.

Another character from the movie is Steve carells moral dilemma and steve previously done many characters of comic role but in this movie he acted brilliantly in a drama role and he already nominated for many wards.His scene with CDO manger in Lasvegas is awesome.In a conference when a company CEO explains that the market is stable and flucations will stop and profits will come then Steve says “zero zero zero this is going down” is an amazing scene.The sub prime process which is discussed in the movie is here

Ryan gosling as an opportunist is also did good with blazing suites, straight forward conversations and he doesn’t feel sorry for the people.His philosophy is people are being syupid because they blindly took loans,bought houses and they didn’t cared to listen to anyone so he never have any guilt by making money on betting on crisis while many people completely lost their jobs.In contrary bradpitt’s character is nicely written when market is crashing his team is celebrating as they will make money but he emotionally says we bet against America and American people dreams.This is our country’s future is being lost at least don’t celebrate “is a powerful scene stating his emotional state.

Finally The big short is smartly written ,there is lots of humor and people should watch it because they will know the value of money,savings and they will get an idea how these banks.financial firms,housing firms will lure customers and how people are making wrong investments.  Although this movie dealts in America’s point of view you can watch it because everywhere same corruption is there with a different terminology.Movie is having long conversations and financial terms that you will feel bored in most scenes but last 45 mins sums it all.Defintly not a popcorn movie but it is a different cinematic experience.May be first time you wont like it but when film finishes and you will start thinking and then you will realize what a great movie it is

Written by Cinemababu

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