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The Conjuring 2 mini review – An excellent horror movie of the year

Whats it about ?

A family purchases a haunted house and strange things will happen at that house.paranormal investigators lorren couple helps them and how the movie ends you have to watch

Whats good

  • there are many jump scars and if you go with your friends you will enjoy
  • Horror mystery is nicely handled and director did terrific job
  • Surprisingly movie has lots of emotions and executing them brilliantly shows director’s capability on the craft
  • Cinematography is so neat that you will drawn into the world completly
  • Actors did terrific job especially the small child gave expressions like an experienced actress
  • The ending is good in a satisfactory note

Final verdict

I f you are a horror movie fan don’t miss it.With extraordinary direction,well executed horror scenes and brilliantly acted conjuring 2 will be a hooror movie of this year.Enjoy with friends

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