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The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug

Cast : Martin Freeman,Ian Mackellen, Richard Armitagh,Benedict cumberbatch,Orland bloom, Luke Evans, Ken scottot and Others.

Directed by : Peter Jackson

Language : English

Genre : Action Fantasy

Release date : 13th December 2013 (India)

Rating : 3.75/5

Music : Howard Shore

BottomLine : Awesome.

Plot : The Biblo (Martin Freeman), 13 Dwarves along with their king, Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitagh) and Gadalf are on their quest to reclaim eberor, After they crossed misty mountains they realise that Orcs are after them. To get protection they run into the house of beorn, the only skin changer. He offered his help to divert orcs. The group head off into the Spider infested Mirkwood Forest as their only escape from an impending Orc attack. They are trapped by giant spider which spin webs on travellers. But the eleves,taurial and leogals saves the group from giant spiders. The elves take them to their king, Thaundrin.He offered his help to fight against orcs for a favour,but thorin hates elves so he denies his favour The group gets imprisonment. With the help of invisible ring, bilbo helps the dwarves to escape from eleves through river. Orcs infiltrate into elves kingdom and start attacking on the dwarves and elves. In that attack,one of ths dwarves, kili get injured. Dwarves float down with the river and seeks the help of Bard (Luke Evans) who is a barge man. He smuggles them into lake town, Dale. they are nabbed by master of the town but thorin convinces the people and master by offering to share their wealth. On other hand gandalf is on quest to know about bol grul withcraft. Taurial defies her king orders to see kili. Bilbo is succeed to open the back door of erebor. Thorin orders him to get arckenstone which helps him to make him king again. Is bilbo succeed in getting jewel from dragon smaug? How dwarves deal with smaug? What happened to gandalf are main parts of the story.

The films opens with the flash back where gandalf advised thorin the need of burglar. This the second installment of The hobbit triology. The whole film series is based on the novel ‘The hobbit’ by J J Tolkien. we have already seen the previous installment.PeterJackson is just brilliant in manipulating the characters. The gripping Screenplay makes you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Editing is too good. CGI is top notch.The back ground score fits well with the movie.

Ian mac kellen is usually done a good job as gandalf, He justified his role. Martin freeman puts the audience in the fun mode especially in pre-climax with his deftness. Richard Armitage has emoted well as the greedy king. Orland bloom looks agile in his character. Peter jackson added few characters into the second installment. Luke evans did a pretty decent job.Benedict cumberbatch’s voice over for dragon smaug is amazing. The rest of the cast & crew have supported very well.

However, this is a must watch movie on this weekend unless you watched previous installment. Go and watch it.

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