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The Martian review – Matt Damon shines high in this concept of Cast away meets Gravity

Cast :Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel​ Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Kristen Wiig and  Others

Director : Ridely Scott

Language : English

Genre : Scifi Adventure.

Bottom LineMatt Damon shines high in this concept of  Cast away meets Gravity 

Rating – 4/5

Whats it about ?

Mark Watney  played by our favorite born Superstar(Bourne ultimatum series fame) matt Damon is left behind on the Mars due to a critical Sand storm while his crew escapes from it.So how Mark survives on Mars alone ,how he contacts NASA and is NASA trying to bring him home you have to watch in theaters

Whats good?

Almost everything.Cast is phenomenal  especially Matt Damon and .Matt Damon shines in every scene especially his comic timing in hard situations.He is totally in NASA Space suite most of the time and he had to act with voice only .Dialogue modulation by him is perfect in emotional scnes and comic scenes ,he interchanged and simultaneously swithed them very efficiently .Defintly this will bring him an oscor nomination for sure.

Director riddle scott(Age 77) is famous for his visual style and in this film he exceeded his own masterpeices like glaidiator,aliens and Black hawk down.From last years everyone though his era is over but he strikes back with this film in every craft.Last 30 mins is high on emotions and audience connected with the theme very well.Mars is so beautiful and cinematographer and VFX team need a big standing ovation for this.This is way better than Gravity as it is explored space scenes,On planet Mars scenes and on earth  Nasa scenes simultaneously.A great film that shouldn’t be missed out

Whats not good?

Film started very well and after that it will be slowed down for a 15 mins .2nd hald of the movie pacing is good.Expected a nail bitting Back ground music like interstellat but its ok .If interstellar music type  is combined with this movie the experience would have beenmore awesome.So many scientic concepts are there in movie and they are little bit hard to follow in few scenes

Final Verdict

With an exceptional performance from Matt Damaon combined with terrific Ridely scotts vision The Martian shows human spirit in an unimaginable sci-fi adventure.The theme is ‘there is nothing can breakdown human spirit not a person,not a bad situation and even not a dry planet like mars’.In the end our hero conquered Mars with his spirit in this space mission.So The martian is a must watch and expect Many Oscar awards this season


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  1. A come back for both Riddley Scott and Matt Damon

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