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The November man

Cast : Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Bill smirtovech, Olga kurylenko, Lazar Ristoviski and Others.

Directed by : Roger donaldson.

Language : English.

Genre : Action.

Release date : 29th August 2014.

Rating : 2.25/5.

Music : Marco Baltrami.

Bottom Line : An old-school spy thriller.

Plot : Peter Dereavux ( Pierce Brosnan ) is a retired CIA agent.He gets lured back into the field by his ex colleague, Hanley ( Bill smirtovech). when he sets upon a mission, He finds himself pitted against his protege, David Mason ( Luke Bracey ) while attempting to save a woman called Alice ( Ogla kurylenko ) in moscow. who is alice and Why he sets upon a mission to save her? Why his protege become enemy ? are crux of the story.

This is a spy movie based on a book written by Bill Granger called ‘There Are No Spies’. Director Roger donald has done really some brilliant movies in the past, but this time he has failed to keep the audience in engage mode.The big problem is the plot most of the twists are quite predictable. Old school narrative style failed to differentiate good guys from the bad guys. The editing is sloppy, the action sequence get considerably ridiculous especially with its use of slow motion, which adds another corny and campy vibe to an already far-fetched story. BGM scored by marco baltrami is passable. Production values are okay.

The only saving grace of this film is acting.Brosnan brings his suave voice and debonair charm to his character to reincarnate Bond again. Luke Bracey on the other hand plays the role of the eager mentee, whose impatience shaped him into the hot headed and arrogant young agent. He pulled it off well. Olga kurylenko has emoted very well in emotional scenes. The supporting cast have done a great job.

Overall the November Man is not a bad flick to watch on the screen.However, it is only mildly entertaining. watch it at your own interest.

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