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The Oscars 2015 winners live updates


The world most prestigious awards ceremony is back. The academy awards 2015 winners will be announced by the celebrities today. Gone Girl actor Neil patrick  hosts the ceremony and regales the viewers with his witty words. The whole hollywood family will be at the ceremony.There are many contenders for the Oscars across the globe. We will you give 2015 oscars winners complete list :

JK Simmons won the oscar for best supporting role in ‘whiplash’.

‘The Grand Budapest hotel’ bagged the oscars for best costume design (Milena Canonora)  and Mak up artist ( Mark coulbora).

BAFTA best foreign film winner continued its potential at the oscars as well. Poland film ‘ida’ (Pawl pawlikowski) bagged the oscar.

Oscar for Best live action short film goes to ‘The phone call’ (Mat kirby, James Lucas).

Now its time for best documentary category,  the oscar goes to ‘Crisis Hotline : Press Veterans I’ (Ellen Gooseberg kenty and Dane parry).

That’s the most funniest moment so far when neil Patrick harris imitates Riggan (Birdman) by strolling In underwear.

Whiplash bagged its second oscar for best sound mixing (Craig mann, Ben wilkins, Thomas curley).

Finally superb moment for ‘American sniper’. The bagged its first oscar in best sound editing (Han Robert murray, Bub, Asman) category.

Boyhood actress Patricia Arquette bagged the oscar for best supporting actress. She essayed the role of mother to the protagonist of boyhood and It is the first oscar the film.

As expected, Christopher nolan ‘s visual wonder  interstellar bagged the oscar in best visual effects    category.

Animated short film Feast won the academy award.

Big hero 6 won the award for best animated animated feature film.

The grand Budapest hotel bagged another oscar award for best production design. Three oscars for the film so far. Let’s see how many it will bag.

Emmanuel lubezki bagged Oscar in best cinematographer category for his remarkable work in ‘Birdman’.  Last year, he walked away with oscar for his work in Gravity.

Whiplash won the award for best film editing ( Tom cross). Three oscars for whiplash so far.

Best documentary feature film goes to ‘Citizen Four’.

After a few performances by artistes, John travalto announces the best original song and it goes to ‘Glory’ from ‘Selma’ ( John Stephens and Lyon Lynn).

Here comes the sensational singer Lady gaga giving her performance.

Fourth oscar for ‘The grand Budapest hotel’. Alexandre Desplat won the best original score.

Best original screenplay goes to Birdman.  It’s the second oscar for the film.

Wow moment  for ‘The Imitation game’. Its screen writer Graham moore won the oscar for Best  adapted screenplay.

The academy award for best director goes to Alejandro G Inarritu ( Birdman).

Eddie Redmayne won the best actor at the Oscars as well. (The theory of everything).

Julianne moore won the best actress academy award. (Still Alice).

The show is almost over. Now its time for neil patrick’s funny oscar predictions announced by himself.

Surprise moment for the global audience. Bird man won the oscar for best picture and other hand BAFTA award winner in the same category, Boyhood fails to bag the  academy award.

That’s the end of the show


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