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The power of Charishma – Donald Trump tactics that can be successful in communication


I am answering this question with respect to charisma, who attracted more voters in more states and who better played the game .its not about who is more talent or good or capable president

First who would expect a billionaire businesses man reality TV show star would have been president?

Now the initial primaries nobody would have been expected it but after he won primaries and head to head with Clinton things changed , First media is totally with Hillary (with democratic party establishment).

They always downplayed whole thing and actually they are indirectly elected trump.They highly criticized him for small issues .They would have been portrayed him what he is .they overplayed and people fed up with it and nobody took them seriously.Especially Republicans wanted to win this election and they voting percentage is 90% while Democratic voters for Hillary is around 60% because Bernie voters felt cheated and didn’t turned out on voter’s day .Not every one of them but most of them just sit in their Holmes

Media polls are all wrong because everybody didn’t tell outside whom they are going to vote.Even media laughed,downplayed and saw them as a buffoon whenever some one tried to be on Trump side so most of voters didn’t told to media .So polls not reflected this and media predicted a 97% chance of Clinton win.fter Trump won everybody shocked not only because they didn’t seen it but completely Rubbished chance of Trump victory.After primaries win only media and DNC should have been take Trump as a serious candidate

Hillary team focused on defeating trump instead of highlighting her .they tried to compare her every achievement to Trump and its not a good strategy because trump didn’t have any political experience so he brushed off them and he took the same advantage that told he can do better than her.

Now as he don’t have any political experience there is no measure to compare so he can either get away easily or can crushed for the same. For trump the quote is ‘everything is Image’ So he played it correctly.

Hillary’s campaign slogan it self is ‘Love trumps Hate’ , i think it is a biggest mistake although it is in negative sense it is still a publicity.Now take trump’s slogan ‘Make America great again’ which is having a way appeal than her slogan.Even I am with Her is not a great Slogan compered to Trump Slogan which is a direct quote from a former Republic president Ronald Regan

Media unnecessarily bashed him for even small issues and the silent majority are with him.many of them they publicly didn’t said they are gonna vote him but on polling day they are voted him.If media is transparent i think he wouldn’t had this much choice.they give billion dollars coverage freely although it is a bash Trump mastered how to manipulate and in last month he attacked them viciously and his plan worked

Finally Actually its not good in him that he won the election but the mistakes in opposite campaign won him the election

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