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The underlying symbolism of Samdudra manthana story of Kurma avatara

Here many people already known the story of Samudra manthana.This interpreation is given by Prash trivedi astrologer,mystic and philosopher

Samudra Manthan symbolizes the force in our body. As per the story Swayambru a demon sits with gods/devathas while vishnu distributes Amritha in form of Mohini.Every demon distracted while Swaymbru knows about this and sits with Devathas.

This represents his intelligence and Vishnu observes it and kills Swayambru.Who ever slayed by Vishnu will free for all karmas .Vishnu assigns the karmic quota to Swayambru who is cut off in head and tail known as Rahu and ketu

Rahu represents our obsession to desires materialism while Ketu represents Moksha/spirituality.Man should balance these things as Vishnu does.When we balance Rahu/ketu Kundalini rises .

Now human body is like Ocean .Materialism and Spiritualism are two sides like devatha and Rakshasa. Human spine is like the Serpent used for Churning.When kundalini rises it raises in spin chakra and reaches to head charka.but kundalini rising is not an easy task only high level saints able to control the energy.

It can give positive things like Amritha or Negative things like poison. So one need a true Guru in his process same like Vishnu as kurma guided in churning

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