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The WALK film Review

Cast :Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Steve Valentine

Director : Robert Zemeckis

Language : English

Genre : Biography Thriller Adventure

Bottom LineThe Walk is Highly Inspirational and Last 30 mins will blow your mind with its Cinematic experience

Rating – 4/5

Whats it about ?

It is a real life story of  French high-wire artist Philippe Petit who made a walk on wire between twin towers in 1970s  illegally and became legend after that famous walk.This movie is about how he accomplished this crazy adventurous walk with help of his friends and I am reminding you illegally you have to watch on big screen

Whats good?

The 3d.Yes almost I closed eyes in some instances as it felt like things are falling on me .that’s how effectively the 3d is done especially last 30 mins,you actually see the full view of city and you can feel what he must have been faced when he is walking n that wire above 417 meters from the ground with out any security attached to him and illegally. In last scenes police will come and normal person would have been pissed in his pants and in the movie you can see the tension

Joseph Gordon-Leviit is taking very challenging roles in this young age and he performed brilliantly. The team who helped him to realize his dream are done good performances.Actually lots of humor in the movie and that is quite good as it will release the tension .The movie is like a heist movie how they went to world trade centre towers illegally and performed this walk .

Director Robert Zemekis who alos directed Masterpieces like Forrest gump,caste away,flight directed this movie and he in command in every scene. Special effects is the real highlight of the movie and BGM is so nice that and it is very peaceful in scenes and cinematography is just brilliant

Whats not good?

Film editing should have concentrated in first half as it more conversations are there and they should have been taken care of that.

Final Verdict

Director vision combined with underlying philosophy about passion ,life and goals is amazing in the movie.How far one can go to achieve his dreams and is it really worth the struggles to achieve ones dreams this movie will give an answer and not in a preachy way but with its beautiful scenes with thrilling screenplay.In the end the walk is a must watch movie for its thrilling adventurous  story and blood pumping walk scenes on hi wire.Dont miss it


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