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‘The Warrior’ Prince Mahesh Babu

If reports are to be believed then it looks like Prince Mahesh Babu has decided to surprise the audiences with everything he can. Mahesh’s fans and the whole TFI audience are waiting to see Mahesh flaunt his six packs, his rock star look and in a negative character. Now the latest rumor going around is that Mahesh will be seen as a warrior.

The film circles are abuzz with news about director Gunashekar, who is making a period film ‘Rudramadevi’, approaching Mahesh Babu to do the role of Gona Gannareddy and it is reportedly heard that even Mahesh is showing interest to do the role. If things materialize then Mahesh will reportedly be seen in a powerful guest role.

Gunasekhar is leaving no stone unturned to make this film, which features stars like Daggubati Rana, Anushka, Mukesh Rishi as part of the star cast as big as possible. And if Mahesh becomes a part of the film then the anticipation of the film will reach great heights. Is imagination picturing Mahesh as a warrior already?

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