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The Wolf of Wallstreet

Cast : Leonardo diCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah hill, Margot robbie, Kyle Chandler and Others.

Directed by : Martin scorsese

Language : English

Genre : Drama Comedy

Release date : 2nd January 2014 (premiere in India)

Rating : 3.25/5

Bottom Line : One man show.

Plot : Jordan belfort ( Leonardo DiCaprio) is a stockbroker, lands in wall Street at the age of 22 in 1987.One day he is out to lunch with his boss, Mark hanna (Matthew McConaughey). His boss advised him to adapt debauchery life inorder to get success in brokerage business.The job market for stock broker is plummeted owing to black monday. While looking for an another career he sees an ad in newspaper for Investor Center, a Long Island boiler room which deals in penny stocks. He convinced a lot of investors with his assertiveness. He then decides to start his own firm with the help of his friends, colleagues and neighbour, Donnie (Jonah hill) in the name of Stratton Oakmont.The firm grows to a thousand employees and becomes one the top firms of US. With success for Jordan, He gives divorce to his wife and get hitched with a goregeous girl Naomi (Margot Robbie). He buys mansions, plush cars, chooper and yacht for his newly wed wife. On the other side FBI agent Denham ( Kyle chandler) probing about sky limit expenditures of jordan.But jordan tries to bribe denham even though his lawyer advised him not to do that. He wants to stash all his illegal money in swiss bank with the help of naomi’s aunt enama.Is he succeed to stash all his money in swiss bank? what happened to him and his firm? forms the crux of the story.

The film is based on jordan belfort’s the wolf of wall street. It is a real life story. Martin scorsese narrated this story in a comic way. There are lots of expletives, which made the audience guffaw, Screenplay is damn gripping. Runtime should have been shorter. Editing is just ,okay there are some mismatched cuts. Cinematography is great. The production values are topnotch.

Leonardo dicaprio’s performance is the biggest positive point for film. He has given one of the best performances in his carrer. He may win so many awards for his performance. Jonah hill tickles the funny bone with grotesque dialogues, he did a fine job. Matthew McConaughey hasn’t got much screen to share with lead actors,Although, He did a brilliant job. Margot robbie aced the role with her deftness. The rest of the cast have supported very well.

Must watch on this weekend.

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