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Thor The Dark World

Cast : Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston and Others

Directed by : Alan Taylor

Language : English

Genre : Action Adventure

Release date : 8th November 2013

Rating : 3.5/5

Music : Brian Tyler

Bottom Line : Good movie to watch on this weekend.

Plot : In olden days odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) father bor was on war with Dark elf Malkeith who was trying to destroy the universe by using weapon Aether.But Bor with his army kills the army of Malketh. Malkeith and his minion Algrim escaped with invisible ship. Coming to the present day, in other realm Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is battling with insurgents with his friends (sif, valstagg, hogun and Fandral).he is preparing to take over asgard throne from his dad odin. Meanwhile, In london, Jane foster( Natalie portman) is having a date named richard. She dumps him as soon as her inter dacy interrupt her lunch with richard. While investigating phenomenon she stucked into an another relam and infected with aether.Since bifrost is destroyed thor has no route to travel to earth to meet jane. Asgard gate keeper Heldiam alerts about jane that she is basically fine. The convergence of 9 relams helps thor to travel to earth. He meets jane and commute back to asgard with her. Asgard doctors are clueless about jane’s health.Odin senses that she is infected with aether. Malkeith and his protege are awakened by aether release. They inflicted into asgard and quest for jane. During this course the queen figga, mother of thor and loki (tom hiddleston) is stabbed by malkeith, as thor entered they escaped with their ship.How thor avenges his mother death? How he stopped destruction of the universe by malkeith.what happened to jane are main parts of the story.

The film is open with odin’s narration about mass destruction weapon, aether,dark elf malkeith and his father glory. This the sequel to the two years ago released movie thor. Alan taylor has provided some fantabulous entertainment to the audience.he has done an awesome job. He succed to keep the audience in entertainment mode. Screenplay is damn good. Mind blowing CGI.Editing is just alright. Brian’s back grounf score is top notch. It has enough entertainment quotient.

Sir anthony hopkins is brilliant as odin. He is easily getting into the skin of odin. Aussies hunk Chris hemsworth’s performance is superb.Natalie portaman reminds me of her own black swann. The last part villian,Tom hiddleston is too hilarious. The rest of the cast have done a decent job.

Don’t miss this one. Go and watch it…

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