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Thungabhadra movie review

Rating : 2/5.
Cast : Adith, Dimple Chopade, Sathyaraj, kota srinivas rao, Pavithra lokesh, Seenu and others.
Directed by : Srinivas Gogineni.
Language : Telugu.
Genre : Romance, Drama.
Release date : 20th March 2015.
Bottom Line : An eye for an eye will make you blind.
After Katha fiasco at the box office, Adith didn’t get good offers from the producers. Finally, Eega, legend and oohalu gusa gusalade producer, Sai Korrapati gave a good chance to Adith. Will Sai Korrapati deliver an another hit with Adith. To know this you have to read my full review.
Rama Raju (Sathyaraj) is a political leader in tadikonda village. ( Seenu (Adith) is a jobless guy, who works for Ramraju. One day Ramaraju learns that his daughter, Gowri ( Dimple Chopade) is getting closer to her classmate, chandu. Ramaraju asks seenu to ascertain the real fact about her daughter’s affair. During this course, Seenu and Gowri falls for each other. Seenu tries to avoid gowri due to his loyalty to Ramaraju.There is a political fight between Paidithalli ( Kota Srinivas Rao) and Ramaraj. To gain the supremacy in their village, The minions of both political leaders kill each other. Paidithalli comes in power and tries to kill Ramaraju. At this juncture, Ramaraju finda out that gowri is in love with seenu. Will Paidithalli kill Ramarju? What will happen to seenu’s love story? Forms the crux of the story.

Adith is looking for a big platform to bag the success, in the meantime, He gets offer from sai korrapati. Adith has delivered a good performance. Dimple chopade did a nice job in minimal role. Sathya raj’s performance is the strongest pillar of this fragile building.  This is not a new role to kota srinivas, he did a great job. The comedians have done a decent job. Rest of the cast is okay in their respective roles.
On the whole, Sai Korrapati has failed to deliver an another hit and the luck is not favour of adith.The concept of the movie is hackneyed. Watch Thungabhadra at your own interest.

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