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Tiger review – A good Masala film with Honor Killings backdrop


Rating   3/5

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Rahul Ravindran, Seerat Kapoor and Sapthagiri

Director: Vi Anand

Genre: Action-romance

Music: S.S. Thaman

bottom line A good Masala film with Honor Killings backdrop

Story is simple one.Tiger played by Sandeep and Vishnu played by Rahul are orphans.Rahul is been adopted by a teacher and these friends will be separated in childhood.Vishnu loves a girl Ganga (Seerat )from kaasi but their parents dont approve the marriage and will try to kill them in name of honor.Will Tiger is able to save them or not is rest of the story

Before the camera

Cast is quite good ,Sandeep performed good ,Raahul is as usual played a familiar role to him,Seerat is beautiful.All supporting cast is good.Saptagiri,Tagubothu Ramesh did their roles good

Behind the Camera

He handled emotional scenes well and all action scenes  choreographed nicely instead of showing sandeep beating all goons,they cleverly executed action scenes as sandeep is not yet a full length mass hero.Screenplay is good and Climax did justice to the movie.Chota k Naidu camera work is top notch,Taman did as usual an average job


Screenplay ,Cast,Emotional scenes


Songs,some mass dialogues ,romantic track(should have been handled better)


A different kind of movie with all mass elements and can be watched easily once for its screenplay and star perfrormances


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