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Tollywood Analysis – is baahubali movie overrated

why we are arguing this instead we have to celebrate that a regional movie got noticed worldwide

some of criticism on film

War sequences are lifted from hollywood movies

No any war sequnces will have basic sequnces like arrows coming,formation of lines and slow motion sword fights.See ben hur stadium is also like gladitor .So gladiator is also copied from ben hur?

Rajamouli copies from hollywood movies

No thee is a thin line between copying and inspiring.if you are doing scene by scene with similar dilaogues ,shots and emotions it is copied.Even hollywood famous director Nolan said that he inspired joker bank robery scene from Heat robbery scene

avatar and similar types of movies

If you gonna compare then die hard and home alone also similar movies

Its got unwanted romantic tracks and songs

really?what happened to fan we already know.I think doing experiments in small budget and medium budget films is good.Even Indian audience also improving but it wll take time .So when stakes are this high director did a sensible choice by dealing the story .odcource the item song is forced but other than that Rajamouli made sure that it will reach to every audience

The baahubali success is because of its theme like war mythology fiction.

Indian industry really didn’t produced great movies in this genere .We can count hardly 10 good movies in this genere while hollywood produces atleast a movie each year .

So baahubali offered that with grand vfx,stunning fight scenes and good emotional scenes although story is pretty basic (another massive exmple in hollywood is Avatar -at tat time there is no usage of 3D while avatar provided it and got a great success eventhough story is pretty basic)

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