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Tollywood opens doors for Sunny Leone !!

Telugu film industry is known for being friendly and welcoming new comers and debutant actors and actresses with open arms. Tollywood is one of the friendliest industries. Though the TFI and its audiences have welcomed many new actors from ages one actress has been sidelined for a long time. We are talking about porn star Sunny Leone.

Though many producers tried to bring in Sunny to TFI and south Indian film industry it did not happen amidst a lot of apprehension and concern over her acceptance. But it is reportedly heard that Tamil producer Kaizad Gustad has signed her for a bilingual film opposite hero Bharat of ‘Premiste’ fame.

It is reportedly heard that the producer paid a whooping amount as her remuneration and now Sunny will be seen in a bilingual film titled ‘555’. Producer Kaizad Gustad said that he will announce rest of the crew at a later stage.

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