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Top 10 life lessons from Tamasha Movie

Here Cinemababu listing Top 10 lessons from Tamasha Movie.Recently released Tamasha receiving average response.Movie told the truth in a hard hitting manner not like sugar coated  ,thats why many people cant connect to the theme but it is a unique movie on its own way Movie tells the story about Ved played by Ranabir kapoor entrapped between his artistic dream vs his regular life

1.Time is most important thing

Movie presents a dilemma is Ranabir never had the time to pursue his dreams or actually never had the courage to follow his passion?Movie says the important of time and what will be the consequences if you never utilized it properly

2.Dont do the same thing again and again …try to achieve same object in a different way

Lethargy is the biggest problem for a human.Human cant repeat the same things but he is forced to do them because of various pressures.In movie Ranbir do the same things and viewer can see the same day with same activities with different set of people.

3.True love doesn’t hold you the security rather it frees from it

Love is a complex subject but in todays world it is arranged .Nobody can love a person purely .When financial security comes into the picture most of love stories will fail but in the movie Deepika challenges Ranabir to come out from his daily messed up life and triggers a thought in his mind to follow his heart.This is true love

4. Nature is Gods gift and whether travel or not is your choice

In movie Ranbir and Deepika will meet in corscia and all shots are too good.Nature inspires human and travel is the biggest blessing .So try to take travel to new locations to escape from stress

5.Its better to reveal your feelings rather than bottle up them

In Tamasha’s climax  Ranabir opens up his feelings and it shows how understanding is his father

6.Biggest prison for man is  his Mind

Ranabir is in constant dilemma and his fall begins when his mind and heart are out of synch and that same thing helps to achive his dreams

7.Childhood is  the best thing in ones life …dont make that as past butcarry that in present and  preserve for future

Ranabirs fascination towards storytelling is developed in his childhood but he keep it away due to his family pressures,as story goes on he rediscovers his childhood and he gets the idea what he want in his life

8.Its only you can change your life

Ranabir asks the street  story teller tell about his life and he says its your story so write your own ending,quite a powerful scenes.Its only you are responsible for your miseries and its only you can change them

9.Death is certain and most of the people regret the life they missed

Ranabir  narrates a story to his father and how many people will die even without starting their dreams is very emotional scene and it gives a jolt to the audience by saying you are also gonna die ,whether you stands for your life or wastes it

10.Society killed many inventors,artists and visionaries even before they get started their journey

Biggest challenge  faced by many is society.Cant ignore it or cant completely merge in it. Many people torn in between these societal pressures and leaves their dreams

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