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Top 10 reasons why Fast and furious 7 became blockbuster hit

Last week Fast and Furious 7 released and doing great business in India and worldwide.

1.Action scenes

Evey action scene is good and best scenes are the Paul walker running on a crashing Van,car running between two buildings in Abu Dubai scene.

2.Jason Statham

Best Villain in total franchise.In first scene itself Director convinced how evil and strong is the Jason Statham character is.All scenes with him are good.His fights are too good and he is quick in fight scenes.

3.paul Walker 

This is the last movie for paul walker as he was died in a car accident in last year.He finished some of the parts and other unfinished work was work was done by his brother with CGI.


Normally Fast and furious movies are ok in storyline but this movie is both emotional and entertaining.The god eye concept used in the movie is  good and all subplots  are well written with clearcut characterizations.


Direction is brilliant with great technical details and he raised the bar very high not only for Fast and furious franchise but for  also all action movies.


Every One is performed well and there is great chemistry between them.


Ofcource Cars.


Movie takes place in many locations,Abu Dubai,Tokyo and losangels.Every location is beautiful and good no of aerial shots are there.

9.One Liners

Great punch dialogues and one liners are there.Especially Rock,Vin diesel and Jason  got good no of lines.


One of the best Climax.They ended very beautifully with a song and vin diesel,Paul walker cars separating representing Paul will never come back.They showed all the memories of past furious movie scens.Really very emotional scene and great tribute to the  paul


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