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Top 10 reasons why you should watch Yevade subramanyam


First Yevade Subramanyam is not a masala movie .It’s about a self discovery of a man.Its about finding answers for life’s primary questions.It is a heavy topic but movie dealt the subject sensitively not overdoing the element of philosophy.On watching this movie I got an exact feeling same as when reading a book named The monk who sold his Ferrari.


Every one in the movie acted superb but why mentioning Nani?Because he got guts to do this kind of film when he is in need of a hit.He once again proved why he is a good actor with different shades in the acting.

3.Chemistry between actors

In Some films individually they act good but we feel something is missing when watching drama movies but in Yevade Subramanyam chemistry between actors is perfect either in comedy or in emotion


This kind of films there is a chance to overdo everything in climax.But in this movie got a very settled climax with a beautiful transformation in the characters.(They represented with transformation of butterfly )


Nag Aswin worked with Sekhar kammula for leader and other movies.Like his mentor he made a debut with a soft meaningful movie and we can see his hard work on screen.


If you watched this movie on pirated copy you are missing everyting.In second part of the movie they captured Himalayas beautifully.Although Highway hindi movie is also has similar concept in the Himalayas,but yevade subramayan visuals are more striking .


philosophy and Spirituality  are different conceptson thier own way.Spirituality and anti Spirituality will have their own views of philosophical approaches .Yevade Subramanyam has some spiritual insights and shows the lifestyles of Himalayan saints in a good way by not opposing or imposing  any religious views on audience .

8.Production Values

Putting money on this kind of films is very risky.Hatsoff to the producers who put their money in this meaningful movie.It seems Production team put a lot of effort as they compleated this movie in short span of time with brilliant quality

9.Meaningfull  dialogues

Every time Nani interaction with Krishnam Raju there are good dialogues .dialogues on seeds to trees,caterpillar to butterfly transformation,real value of life are good .

10.Run time

Last but not least Movie is having around 2hrs 5 minutes with 3 songs.They didnt bored and finished sharply with good pace through out the movie

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