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Top 5 Horrible movies I watched list

 I am listing the movies I am unable to sit

Number 23

This movie is received mixed by many audience some even praised that it is a classic but I felt every twist is cheap and some how I am unable to see this movie.For me it is awful

After earth movie

No dude the fear is there in theteres where this movie is played

Green lantern movie

If you want to take revenge on your Ex then send the DVD of this movie,you won;t be disappointed

Batman and Robin

A movie unintentionally spoof itself

50 Shades of grey

After watching movie you will feel twilight as a classic

Twilight new moon

The first twilight movie is fairly good and I liked the concept.After all sequels are torture to watch and especially new moon is so boring and the ending is bullshit

The last air bender movie

One of high budget crap film of the decade

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