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Transformers : Age of Extinction

Cast : Mark Wahlberg, Stanely Tucci, Kesley Grammer, Nicola peltz, Jack Reynor and Others.

Directed By : Michael Bay.

Language : English.

Genre : Sci-Fic.

Release date : 26th june 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Steve Jablosky.

Bottomline : Michael bay tested the patience of audience.

Plot : Cade yeager ( Mark wahlberg) is an automobile mechanic lives with her teenaged daughter, Tessa (Nicole peltz) who is secretly hiding her relationship with a racecar driver, Shane ( Jack Reynor). Cade stumbles across broken Optimus prime in a dilapidated movie theatre and he fixes the autobot leader. Meanwhile A CIA agent Harold ( Kessley Grammer) operatives threats cade to reveal the optimus prime hideout. Cade is on the run with his assistant and young two lovers. A Transformers bounty hunter, Lockdown tries to exterminate the autobots with the aid of Harold. A Scientist, Joshua ( Stanley Tucci) creates the Galvatron, which is created from the data inside Megatron’s severed head. Cade finds out that joshua and Harold are working together. Joshua tries to kill cade with the galvatron, but optimus prime rescues him In the meantime lockdown shoots optimus prime. What will happen to optimus prime and Galvatron? Why lockdown hunts optimus prime? Forms the crux of the story.

This is the fourth film of the series.This one comes with several new bots most notably the sleek silver Galvatron, bullying menace Lockdown and Dinobots. But the same formula just dried up. Michael bay has failed to entertain the audience with the weak plot. Editing is just awful to say the least. It brings in wayward character expressions that do not suit a particular scene in any way. Atleast 30 mins could have been cut. There are some good VFX and wow CG moments. Steve jablosky composed music is okay. Cinematography is not upto the mark. Production values are good.

Human lead actors haven’t got much screen space. Mark wahlberg essayed the main human lead role. He did justice to his character. Nicole peltz is okay in her role.Kessley grammer is so wicked.jack reynor did a fair job. The supporting cast is okay.

This movie is just surpasses dark of the moon as the worst film in the series. You can watch this one for VFX and action sequences.

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