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Trivikram Srinivas Emotional Speech !!

As we know Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas are good friends ever since they started working together for ‘Jalsa’. Their hobbies (books reading), mentalities, way of thinking, likes, unlikes, are almost same. Trivikram is Pawan’s best pal, care taker, adviser and what not they are two identical persona of different mother. We can’t describe more than this about their ‘true bonding’. One who watched ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ audio launch will say, after his mother Trivikram is more than anyone to Pawan. Trivikram was emotional speaking at the event. He revealed how his journey started with Pawan and how it carried on till this day…

Trivikram said, “I met Pawan in his house, but was not a meaningful conversation (Pawan later revealed it was when he was in bad mood post Johnny flop). After few years, Pawan told me to catch him at Hyderabad outskirts where Bangaram shooting was going on as he felt it wouldn’t be any disturbance there. A situation happened there which made me becoming more close to him more than a hero-director relationship. A daily labor couple gave their small kid to Pawan and started crying. By the time even he also cried. Later, Pawan called his manager, told him to take the child to Rainbow hospital. Pawan took care of everything till the boy recovered to normal. This was when I first met Kalyan.

Second time, I went to his farm house. I sat there and stunned to see a scene there. Two persons were carrying a mortar on their shoulders with the help of a rod. The person in the second end was Pawan. When I was staring at him like that, he just told me, sir please wait for ten minutes I will keep this mortar and listen to script. Then was when I saw Pawan second time.

During Jalsa shooting days, I went to his home. He was just then gave away his licensed gun to police and came back to home. Seeing him I felt, He has given the gun, but looked to me like more powerful than gun. So, a person who is greater to a weapon is with us. Thus, what is the need for him a weapon, I felt like. In hours of this incident happened he formed an organized called CPF and donated 1 core rupees when his bank account was just 1.05 CR. I have seen fear in managers’ eyes. This was when I saw him third time.

His brother Chiranjeevi formed PRP lost in elections and I went his home to talk a few words with him. He simply told me what I take either team or coffee. I was stunned. He just told me, it is our duty to go a war field. But winning and loosing is not in our hands. This was when I saw him fifth time. After watching all these things closely, can anyone loose this person?” Then, Trivikram talked about title and few other things. ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ is coming from the combination of two well matured, honest and hard working persons. Let’s wait till the release date on August 7th.

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