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Udaya Bhanu reveals about political entry

Telugu Television has many anchors and many enjoy a star status but the fan following that anchor Udaya Bhanu has is large and different than that of the other anchors. It is safe to say that she has the same craze as that of a heroine and her fan following ranges across the state irrespective of the region.

She has specially won the hearts and minds and souls of Telangana viewers because she is one the few artists who have made it big in the industry which is traditionally dominated by those from Coastal Andhra. There were rumors about her joining the politics recently. It was reportedly heard that she might join BJP or TRS and contest Karimnagar in 2014 elections but the sexy siren has reportedly denied her entry into politics.

There were naughty comments by the media folks that in case Udaya Bhanu makes it to the assembly then the MLAs will have sleepless nights and distracted days with such a glamour doll sitting amidst them. But it seems like that’s not to be as Udaya Bhanu has opted her to stay away from politics.

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