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Ulavacharu Biryani Movie Review

Cast : Prakash Raj, Sneha, Tejus, Samyuktha Horande, Oorvasi and Others.

Directed by : Prakash Raj

Language : Telugu

Genre : Drama romance

Release date : 6th June 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : IlayaRaja.

BottomLine : Few ingredients are missed.

Plot : Kalidasu ( Prakash Raj) is a chronic bachelor works in the state Archaeological department. He is a gourmet. His only companion is his cook cum uncle (Ms Narayan Rao). Naveen (Tejus) is Kalidasu’s nephew and he comes to his uncle’s place, while searching for a job.Kalidasu gets a wrong call from Meena ( Sneha), who is a dubbing artiste, living as a paying guest with her friend chenchi (Oorvasi ). It’s all starts when Meena dials for a dosa and gets kalidasu on line, instead of the restaurant. They become a good friends and want to meet each other. How did they meet forms the crux of the story.

This is the remake of Malayalam film Salt N Pepper. Director cum lead actor has brought the rights. The original was a boxoffice hit but the remake film has failed to repeat the same magic. Prakashraj has missed a few ingredients in this dish. Screenplay is the soul of the origina one. But here screenplay is not quite gripping. Editing is not bad. Cinematography is nice. The legendary musician IlayaRaja’s music is the only saving grace for this film. Production values are just okay. There are a few dragging scenes in first half. Compared to first half, second half is quite better.

Prakash raj is okay in his role. He has failed to live upto his image. After a long time sneha has appeared on big screen. She did a nice job. Teju donned the role of filrt, he justified his character. New girl Samyukta has to improvise her acting prowess. MS Narayana is restricted to less screen space. Brahamaji is nice. Rest of the cast are not bad.

Go for this film only if you desperately want to watch any movie on this weekend.

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