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Upendra 2 Review: An Upendra’s Film that is so much more than it seems.

Upendra 2 Review:

CinemaBabu Rating: 3/5

Cast: Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav and Others.

Music: Gurukiran

Cinematography: Ashok Kashyap

Produces: Priyanka Upendra

Story & Directed : Upendra

Release Date: 14th August, 2015
Plot: The plot is about Sanyasi-Nuvu (Upendra) Who was living the moment without thinking about the past and future.In search of him Kristina Akheeva comes to his village.Who is he ,why is he been famous. and what’s his flashback is the rest of story.


  • Upendra’s Ultimate Action,Story, Screenplay,Dialogues and direction.
  • Guru Kiran music is best and cinematography by Ashok is good.

  • Production Values were great.


  • Illogical and heroine Kristina Akheeva is a bad selection.
  • Weak 2nd half

Bottom-Line:¬† I am very interested in the Upendra¬† mental tricks that are shown in his films. Not that I want to be the guy, I’m more interested in why the human brain works the way it does, and so far the tricks he uses are well based in reality…as strange as they are.
I do like the lead character a lot, probably because I understand more why he does the things he does. Upendra  does a great job of acting as a Nenu and Nuvvu.
If you want to understand the film better, you may be interested in Upendra realistic approach.

Reviewed By: Vinay…..:)

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