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Uttama Villain Review – An Unique attempt of an emotional journey of a Hero

Rating : 3.25/5

Cast :Kamal Haasan ,Jayaram ,K. Balachander ,Andrea Jeremiah,Parvathi Menon,Nassar  and               Others.

Director : Ramesh Aravind.

Language : Telugu / Tamil.

Genre : Drama Comedy.

Release Date : 2nd May 2015.

Music : Ghibraan.

Bottom Line : An Unique attempt of an emotional journey of a Hero.

After Viswaroopam another big budget movie from Kamal Haasan is Uttama Villain.Movie is expected with huge buzz and got decent feedback from critics and audience.Lets discuss what’s good and bad in Uttama Villain .

Coming to the story, Manoranjan played by Kamal Haasan is a popular hero with alcoholic addiction and family problems. There is a doting wife Varalakshmi (Oorvashi), father-in-law producer Poornachandra Rao (K Viswanath), Doctor Arpana (Andrea), a loyal secretary Chokku (M S Bhaskar) and a roaring career.After he discoverd he is suffering with brain tumour he goes to his Margadarshi(Balaachandar) to direct a comedy film based on ancient theyan empire in which he will be playing a Mrityujaudu Uttaman  for him.Watch the movie whether he succees his mission with margadarshi and how his family is going to cope with this critical situation

Coming to the performances Kamal Hasaan  again rocked with his outstanding acting.He played two charecters Manoranjan and Uttaman very beautifully .The film explores the ancient art form of Theeyam where Uttamanplays alongside the Princess (Karpagavalli) by saving her from Muttharasan (Nasser) who is obsessed to gain her and the whole Theeyam empire.Nassar is restricted to  comedy act and he is ok.All female leades are done brilliant and kamal Hassan’s PA Chokku did good job ,Special mention is K Balachandar as he is played an outstanding character true to his life  and bonding with Kamal Hasaaan.K Viswanath di his role effortlessly as he did similar kinds of roles many times.

Director handled screenplay beautifully by merging two tracks .Screenplay follows as after one emotional scene subsequent comedy scene from Theeyam empire time is presented.This is written by Kamal Hasaan himself,His idea is to emote the audience and after tried to laugh audience symbolizing life will follows both difficult times and happiest moments.Screenplay is little bit slow and who likes dramas can relate to it and mass audience will feel dragged pace.Everybody hates Manoranjan but when he tells them he is going to die everybody sympathize with him.The same scene is shown in a different way in Theyyam empire.When everybody believes Uttaman as a Mrityujayudu everybody wants to kill him and throws stones at him by feeling jealous and anger towards him.Film wants to explore deep psych of human condition which is hard to follow.Director showed how Actors image is different compared with their real lifes.They also have same family problems,betrayals,obsession towards work etc

Other technical departments did their job good.Art work is good as Theyyam empire shown is belivable.Cinematography is top notch.One scene where uttaman entrance in Theyaam song shot perfectly.Music is big plus point for the film.Songs are ok but background elevated the film to a different level like When Kamal talking with his son about his tumor,Kamal’s secretory reading the letter infront of him,in those scenes background music is perfect.

Overall movie is a unique attempt and it shows film actors lifestyle in a brilliant way.With an exceptional performance from Kamal Hasaan and brilliantly executed direction film can be watched at least once.Go with film with open expectations you will love the film for its emotional journey

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