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Uyyala Jampala

Cast : Raj Tarun, Avaika Gor, Anita Chowdary, Ravi Varma and Others.

Directed by :Virinchi Varma

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy Romance

Release date :25th december 2013

Rating : 3.25/5

Music : Sunny M.R

Bottom Line : A feel good movie.

Plot : Suri (Raj Tarun) and Uma devi (Avaika Gor) are cousins( bava mardallu). They love to banter each other from their childhood. Their grand parents want to see them get married to each other but uma’s father (Ravi varma) is hesistate to give his daughter to his nephew owing to financial status.Suri is a fun loving guy but he cares for uma. his father expires when he was 10. He lives with his mother (Anita chowdary) abutting to uma ‘s home.Uma falls in love with a rogue called Pardhu. He decieves uma by offering gifts to her but Suri rescues her. They eventually admire each other. Uma’s father bring an alliance for her, but on the request of uma, suri ruins the alliance. what happened after that event? is the rest of the story.

The stalwarts like Akkineni nagarjuna, Daggubati suresh and Ram mohan have produced this film. The whole film sets in village backdrop. Debutant Vrinchi varma has written the script in an ordinary way but he directed in an extra ordinary way. screenplay is quite flat at begining but it reaches top at the end. Cinematpgraphy is just good.Sunny MR has composed music for this film, he has done a good job.Production values are extremely rich. All the techinical departments have done a fantastic job.

Raj tarun has made his debut with this film. with his enormous experience in short film he just aced the role with his acting skills. he has emoted very well. He has a good future in telugu industry if he choose apt subjects for him. Television actress Aviaka Gor has also made her debut. she has done a brilliant job. rest of the cast have supported very well. chemistry between lead pair is a treat to watch.

If you want to see a clean romantic film on this weekend go for it.

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