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VARNA Movie Review : Varninchadam kastam

Title : Varna
Cast : Arya , Anushka
Direction : Selva Raghavan
Type : Dubbed
Music : Harris Jayraj
(Background Score : Anirudh Ravichander)
Censor Certificate : U
Runtime : 164 Minutes
CB Rating : 1.5/5

Plot : Varna is a socio-fantasy flick with a complete graphical and visualized mixture. The main intention of the director is to tell us that how the woman are treated in the second world if there is no feeling of love. So, our hero from the Earth (Arya) transforms to second world mysteriously and creates the new blooms of love and creates the wonder.
Earth Story : Madhu Balakrishna (Arya) a well meaning and kindly person. Ramya (Anushka Shetty) falls in love with him in the first instance. Ramya proposes him but he rejects her love. Later, Madhu realizes the love of Ramya and starts falling behind her, but it’s already too late as she accepts a marriage proposal. This story is all about whom Ramya chooses.
Other World Story: A place where people have not experienced the feel of love. Mahendra (Arya) falls in love in the first instance with Varna (Anushka Shetty) and marries her. But as they don’t understand the feeling they get separated. Due to a time worm Mahendra goes to Earth and saves Madhu. The rest of the story is about who ends up with Varna.

Harris Jayaraj music
Anirudh BGM

Weak Storyline
Slow pace
Second Half
Cinematography is very mediocre
Failed to elevate mythical second world scenes

Analysis of Varna : The director don’t have clarity over the story. No doubt it is completely a horrible movie with terrible screenplay. The script is unconvincing, characterizations are weak and plot is worst. For a common man who watches this movie will definitely feel down for its script and narration.
Bottomline: Watch this one at your risk please.

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