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Victory’s birthday

Daggubati venkatesh is the hero who is so close to the family audience with the movies like Intlo illalu vantintlo priyaraalu, Raaja, Pavithra bandham, Sankaranthi, Nuvvu naku nachav and Seethammavakitlo siri malle chettu.

Being a son of the producer Dr. Rama Naidu, its was cake walk for him to become a hero. But venkatesh didn’t depend upon his father reputation he himself established as a versatile actor with his great acting prowess. He is one of the rare heros who could provide entertainment not only with fights and dance but also comedy.

With the consecutive victories at box office he got an another surname as ‘Victory’. Telugu movie buffs adorably call him as Victory venkatesh and those box office hits brought a super star image.The comedy is an essential thing in his movies. He even made cry the family audience with the films like Chanti,Raaja, Sankranthi and Surya vamsham.

He laid the foundation for multistarrer movies in telugu cinema with Seethamma vakitlo siri malle chettu, Masala and Gopala Gopala. His upcoming movie ‘Gopala Gopala’ is slated to release on pongal. CB Wishes once again happy Birthday to him.

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