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Vidya & Prabhas confirmed

Dont get excited Vidya Balan & Prabhas confirmed to grace the audio launch of Chandee which is on August 12th. Chandee is a Women centric film which is done by Priyamani under direction of Samudra. Priya Mani and Vidya Balan are cousins as per PriyaMani’s request Vidya is attending audio launch. Coming to Prabhas, Krishnana Raju is playing an important role in this movie so as per Krishnana Raju request Prabhas is attending audio launch.

Priyamani is playing a lead role and Sarathkumar Krishnana Raju and Nagendra Babu are playing some key roles under direction of Samudra. NR Shankar and Chinna are giving tunes and G.Srinubabu is producing this movie.

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