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Cast : Rajnikanth, Deepika padukone, Jackie shroff, Nassar, Aadhi and Others.

Directed by : Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin.

Language : Telugu.

Release date : 23rd May 2014.

Rating : 2.25/5

Music : AR Rahman

Bottom line : Failed to live upto expectations.

Plot : There is a strong enemity between Kalingapuram dynasty and Kottapatanam dynasty.Raja Mahendra (Jackie shroff)is the ruler of kalingapuram. Rana ( Rajinkanth) is the army cheif, wins a lot of battles with his skills. He wants to attack on Kottapatanam dynasty. Inorder to strengthen the army he advises the prince, veera mahendra ( Aadhi) to add slaves into army. In the battle field, Rana join hands with Kottapatanam prince, Sourya simha (R sharath Kumar) and asks kalinapuram army to repatriate.Ugraha simha ( Nassar)who is the ruler of Kottapatanam, is impressive with rana’s skills. He appoints him as cheif of the army . The princess, Vadhana devi ( Deepika padukone) falls in love with rana. Rana wants to kill Ugraha simha. Why he want to kill ugraha simha? Why he join hands with sourya simha? Who is VikramaSimha? Are main parts of the story.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter soundarya rajnikanth has made her directorial debut with this movie. She should have been concentrated on the subject rather than locations. She touted VikramaSimha as india’s first 3d motion capture movie and created a lot of hype but she failed to live upto audience expectations. KS Ravi kumar penned the story. It’s quite weak. Screenplay is not at all gripping. The 3d effects are not impressive. AR Rahman composed background music is one of the plus points for the film.Editing is fine.Cinematography is just good.Production values are grand.

Mano has done a brilliant job. He lent his voice for rajinikanth. No can do justice to the role with his voice except mano. Deepika padukone character is less impressive. VikramaSimha character steal the show. The fight sequence between deepika and rajni is impressive. First half is a big disappointment. Dubbing artists have done a good job.

However, The much hyped movie failed to live upto expectations.

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