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Villa (Pizza 2)

Cast : Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, Nassar, SJ suriya and Others

Directed by : Deepan Chakravarthy

Language : Telugu (Dub)

Genre : Thriller

Release date : 16th November 2013

Rating : 3/5

Music : Santhosh Narayanan

Bottom Line : A very well written and executed film.

Plot : Jebin Jose ( Ashok selvan) is a writer who is looking for a publisher to get his first book published.After his father, Marshall jose ( Nasser) death,He comes to know that he has a villa on his name in Vizag. He want to publish his book by selling that villa. He tells about his future plans to his love interest, Aarti (Sanchita). She visits the villa and like it. Meanwhile, Jebin get a call from established publisher to publish his book. Aarti suggests him not to sell villa owing to it bring a good omen to him.One day he see a bunch of paintings drawn by his father in a barricaded room which resembles his real life incidents, He is getting anxious of those paintings.He wants to sell the villa as soon as possible but all his attempts gone in vain. He is eventually come to know that villa is cursed. Why his father paint those paintings. Who cursed the villa? What happened to jebin and arthi are main parts of the story.

This film is produced by the makers of pizza which earned a big success at box office in 2012. This is not a sequel to pizza. This one has no connection with the “pizza”.Debutant Director Deepan has written and executed the film very well.Screenplay keeps you can’t take eyes off screen. Santhosh Narayanan’s back ground score is the biggest asset to the film. The way cinematographer captured the scenes is outstanding. Despite it is a small film the technical values are amazing.

Ashok selvan has done a pretty decent job. He suited very well to the jebin character. Sanchita looks pretty.She aced the role with her deftness.Nasser has got very minimal role still he made an impact on the audience. SJ Suriya made a guest appearnce. The rest of the cast have supported well.

It has no connection with the pizza.Better movie to watch on this weekend.

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