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Vishnu did an splendid job

Actor Vishnu Manchu did an daredevil stunt 80 ft off the bottom right for his upcoming Telugu action-comedy “Doosukeltha”, leaving everybody on the sets in awe.

“In a fight sequence choreographed by means of Thai stuntman Kecha, Vishnu jumped off a rushing jeep which rocketed over eighty toes off the ground. the entire unit held its breath as Vishnu jumped off the jeep onto the lead villains, ending the shot efficiently within the first take,” stated a commentary.

“Stuntman Kecha praised the actor for doing the stunt with no physique double,” the remark brought.

Kecha says Vishnu gave him a lot of freedom to experiment with stunts.

Vishnu is at present capturing the climax scene for “Doosukeltha”, directed by way of Veeru Potla with Lavanya Tripathi as the lead actress.

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