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Week end special Story -127 hours – An inspiring story of human determination

127 hours – A human determination to not to surrender to death …its better to call to live life against all odds because each second counts

Aron played by James franco an adventurous guy climbs a mountain and slips then his arm stuck under a bog rock.he is unable to move and nobody able to here him.After a day he recognizes that he should to something to get out.With a video cam he captures every moment

So if anybody afraid of death they should watch this movie because it gives real life story of a man under a dying edge.He says at last moment of his life in his head he saw a beautiful boy and he can’t see the boy’s face.After lifting him he recognizes that the boy his son and he doesn’t think about career,wealth or any other materialistic possessions.he only concerned about his family and he got courage that any way he should get out of this situation

He used a small knife which is very blunt and he cut off his arm .He climbed whole rock with another arm and finally met his family.After that Aron gave many seminars on life This is the story of the movie

In his vlogs Arron recollected his past memories,relationships and other important things in face of death. What important about his life story is he learnt value of life in most hardest way .Death taught about life to him .Death showed that when he comes to you ,you only concern about your family nothing else is important.Death showed that human has unlimited potential and he lives like he never gonna die and wastes his energy on useless things while his life is decreasing by every second

Any person wants to be inspired and what exactly it will be in face of death should watch this wonderful movie 127hours.James franco actually held the camera in hand on shoot to feel the scenes as real as possible.Danny boyle again proved that he is good with dramas.Life is a blessing count every second and do good with your time Watch this inspiring movie and you shouldn’t miss this movie

Even today he is occasionally do adventurous trips and he is still brave .We have to learn many things from his story.Watch his inspiring message to the world

Finally concluding this article with this quote .If anybody facing death,or lost hope in this life,or having suicidal thoughts please wath this movie and listen to Aron interviews

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