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Weekend love

Cast : Sri Hari, Adith anirudh, Supriya Shailaja, Ms Narayana, Thagbothu ramesh and Others.

Directed by : Naga Gavara.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance.

Release date : 5th September 2014.

Rating : 2/5.

Music : Sekhar Chandra.

Bottom Line : Not a perfect movie to watch on this weekend.

Plot : Ganesh Subramaniam ( Adith ) flirts with every beautiful girl he bumps into. One day he gets attracted to a self-willed girl, Sandhya chaterjee ( Supriya Shailaja ) who works as a software professional.Ganesh gets job in the same company where sandhya works to woo her. He impress her with his talent. They finally both fall for each other in no time, and start live-in relationship. What happened after they decide to living together? Is rest of the story.

The critic turned director Naga gavara is inspired by the recent romantic movies. His lack of experience is reflected in his narrative style. He failed to execute the key scenes properly. Story line is extremely weak.Editing could have been crisper. Cinematographer has shown beautiful locations with in given budget. Music by sekhar chandra is passable. The production values are not bad.

Adith Anirudh who made his debut with Katha, is improved his acting skills much better. He did a fine job. Supriya shailaja has emoted very well in key scenes. Sri hari’s character is not bad. Comedians have done a fine job. The Supporting cast have supported very well.

Although, He doesn’t have a good experience, Naga Gavara has given his best to offer the entertainment to the viewers. Watch this one at your own risk.

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