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Weekend soecial story – Rockster film anlaysis


One of most beautiful movie on passion,over indulgence and pain of love.When I am watching this movie one scene in starting of movie will be there like for doing better art a person should have a heart brealup or a major tragedy .

Then Ranabir decides to follow heroine just to get a rejection from her so that he can be a better artist /singer .I think this thinking is very new and ofcource movie will move serious note after heroine marriage and Ranabir struggle starts when he thrown out of his home

Ranabir gave wonderfull performance in every scene he lived and captured pain if love and passion for art.

Movie shows sometimes you can’t get everything in life and fame /love is not that much is to handle.Fame and love are very exciting in start but if you can’t handle properly they wil eat your soul… Imtiaz ali showed this exactly with parallel tracks of Ranbir becoming Rockster and dealing with come back lover. Eventhough he got fame,money,success he wanted buy he is not happy because his true love is separated from him emotionally … In 3rd act he gets back his lover but sepeated this time physically by death

Movie explores themes on love —- Is love can be this truthfull ,is pain worth with living in memories ,soulmates exists

The movie has a beautiful soundtrack like every song is delight to hear and picturization is at its best and lyrics are very meaningful


Tum logon ki, is duniya mein Har kadam pe, insaan galat Main sahi samajh ke jo bhi kahoon Tum kehte ho galat, main galat hoon phir kaun sahi..Marzi se jeene ki bhi main Kya tum sabko arzi doon Matlab ki tum sabka mujhpe Mujhse bhi zyada haq hai Saadda haq, aithe rakh

In this world of you people, at every step, a human is wrong.. whatever I feel is right and say, you call it wrong, if I’m wrong then who’s right? Should I send you request
for me to live with my own wish? means you all have a right on me more than I do..
(it’s) my right, put it here (give it to me)


Tum ho song is very soulful and shows the purity and depth of love

Tum Ho.. Tum Ho Paas Mere Saath Mere Tum yoon , Jitna Mehsoos Karoon tumko Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon Tum Ho Mere Liye …Mere Liye ho Tum yoon
Khud Ko Main Haar Gaya Tum Ko…Tumko main Jeeta Hoon

You are.. You are near me, with me, you are..so much I feel you,
as much I get you too..You are, for me, for me, in such a way you are,
(that) I lost myself to you, (and) I have won you (too)…

————————————————————————————————————— Nada parinde about calling the lost inner soul

O naadaan parindey ghar aa jaa…ghar aa jaa..

kyun des bides phire maara…kyun haal behaal thaka haara
kyun des bides phire maara…tu raat biraat ka banjara

O naïve bird…come back home..come back home…why do you wander country-country (in such bad shape)…why is your condition so bad, all tired-lost
why do you wander this country to that…you (have become) a nomad of nights..

Read complete lyrics of the songs here

Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh: Lyrics, Translation (Rockstar)

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