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Weekend Special Story -American Sniper Movie analysis

Last year released American Sniper is a critical and box office success with multiple Academy Award nominations .It is directed by Client Eastwood who also acted and directed films like Million Dollor baby,Unforgiven and Leonardo Decaprio’s JEdgar .Almost every movie he directed are based on real biopics.American Sniper is also based on US Navy soldier Chris Kyle’s life story.This charecter is played by Hangover fame Bradley Cooper.Cooper gave a power packed performance in this film.

When I am watching this movie I remembered two other war films Black Hawk down,Saving private Ryan .Film Visual appeal is as real as possible unlike movie Black Hawk Down another war film directed by Ridely scott.Black Hawk down is more visually striking and having a rich appeal as Ridely scott likes strong (more color)  visuality.Eventhough it is a war film action is limited but whatever action is there it is tightly packed .Compared to saving private Ryan action is less.If anybody didnt watched Saving Private Ryan must watch that film.That film is directed by brilliant director Steven Spielberg and having a 30 minute action in beginning and another 30 min action on end.

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So what’s exactly the special thing in American sniper.This movie deals with the war situations and stress of saving or killing people on war fields.Movie starts with a scene where a child is carrying a grenad.So bradely cooper aims  at the child and shoots him.The scene captures heros struggle to shoot a boy and moral ambiguity of the situation very brilliantly.

So movie is based on US Sniper Chris Kyle.On marriage day of Chris Kyle ,his  higher authorities tell him that he has to go to Iraq for a mission and his journey begins .Film depicts reality of war and gruesomeness of war brutality realstically.As the film progresses his wife asks him to come home but he says this country needs him and he restlessly pursues in one mission after another.Film main plot is US army need to find an evil man “The butcher” who is carrying blasts on US.In finding him US Army loses many soldiers and film captures  in a very emotional way the loss of lives and how they will effect their families .

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After the mission completes ,at the climax Heros team will be surrounded by enemy troops and everyone feels they will be killed.At that times Bradely cooper cries and calls his wife and says he wants to come home .This shows strongest of the men will also break down at certain points of their lives and war field will definitely make them cry at least one time.

Film shows the hauntings of war within their heads.In one scene Bradley cooper plays with his children but he hears sounds of guns and explosions shows how badly wars effects soldiers.Defenitly film is a must watch for its reality on wars and how soldiers are doing great service by sacrificing their lives for their country people’s happiness.

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